Another great day with my XP Deus

John finds a Celtic Gold coin with his XP Deus metal detector

My story starts in Kent G.B with my trust XP Deus on a very wet, windy, cold and muddy Private Permission. it was Sunday morning and my plan was to detect, then make an introduction and shout out for another YouTube give away competition once the day had ended.
I walked 2 miles to my farm permission to ask if I was still OK to Detect on the farmers land and I met up with one of the Farm Workers who gain me permission to search on a 200 acre field. I was so excited as it contained a very old Neolithic Burial mound, although I was not allowed to detect over it I could detect near it.

I set up my XP Deus running the v4.0 software and used the HOT Program I did not even get close to the Burial Site on the day so this story could get even more interesting as time goes on but after several hours of searching a track around the edge of the field and unearthing many common finds and scrap I cam along the last part of the track and started to find a few fragments of a Buckle, then an old crusty coin. Next I was so happy to unearth a Sixpence from Elizabeth I dated 1566 with the mint mark Portcullis in Extremely Fine condition for a Hammered Coin.

A stunning medieval coin found while metal detecting using an XP Deus

A metal detectorists dream find of a lifetime

A few targets later and still over the moon with my Hammered coin I thought to myself I have had a good day today.
Then I got a medium tone signal of 65-67 on the XP Deus v4.0 HOT Program, a little scratch in the signal here and there but a signal I would dig any time of day. Once I located the target using my MI-6 Pointer I saw what can only be described as a Horse on a tiny coin, it was black in colour when I cleaned off the mud and thought to myself that I could go home a happy man finding a Bronze Celtic Stater coin.

Celtic Gold coin found with an XP Deus metal detector - Very rare find of a lifetime

I was so very wrong in my initial ID because I got home and left the coin in a diluted solution I use to clean certain coins like Gold and Silver. Once it had sat there for a few hours I decided to give it a wash and gentle brush, the black patina covering the coin started to come away revealing the stunning Gold detail of a 2,000-Year-Old Gold Coin from the Iron Age.

I am still buzzing over this find, even now after a week of finding it, I will be going back over the same area with the XP Deus to see if there are any more to be found.
The details of the coin are as follows:

Celtic Cantii Dubnovellaunus Quarter Stater c.25BC-AD5 Iron Age.
Extremely Rare Find in G.B.
Very Rare provenance.

I am so over the moon to have been granted this chance to find such an awesome part of British History by using the XP Deus on the New v4.0 software on the HOT Program which has been finding so many Hammered coins for me lately.

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