XP Deus lite saving programs

If you are using the XP Deus Lite version 3.2 with the headphones you can easily save your favourite programs into the spare memory slots, are you using your XP Deus Lite to it’s full potential ?.
The Deus WS4 and WS5 offers great performance as standard, by making custom changes you can take your machine to another level.
Follow this link to find out how to do it :
Saving your new settings using the XP Deus Lite (Deus Ws4, Deus Ws5)


XP Deus advanced settings

If you want to make settings very close to Gary’s hot program, load up the factory Deus Fast and change :
Tones : Full
Discrimination : 0, for Hot 5 use discrimination 5
Iron volume : 0

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