XP Goldmaxx Power or XP Deus Lite

Xp Goldmaxx Power Vs the Deus Lite

Many people ask me which machine is the best, the Goldmaxx Power or the Deus Lite

They both fall in a similar price range so I can understand why some confusion may arise.

The GoldMaxx PowerXP Goldmaxx power

Is a general purpose machine, if want for no better word a “traditional” metal detector, compared to other makes running at similar frequencies there is not a great difference.
Features include :
2 or 3 tone target identification
3 Silencer settings
Iron threshold
Iron Volume
Manual Ground Balance
Cordless headphone facility
9″ coil as standard
Frequency 18Khz
New style collapsible stem

The Deus Lite

XP deus lite

In the world of electronics a couple of years is a massive leap in technology and this really shows with the Deus Lite. Features include:
Ground balance
5 Multi tone settings inc Full tones and Pitch.

A choice of 4 operating frequencies (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz ).
10 adjustable factory pre set programs (Including Goldmaxx Power) which can be saved in a choice of 8 spare empty memory slots
Rechargeable Lithium batteries giving over 20 hours to a 2 hour charge, (charger included)
Target ID
Choice of headphones and headphone set up.
Super lightweight with 9″ coil as standard

So what are the differences in the field ?

They both detect metals….correct !, When you want extra performance the Deus Lite has far more features that can be tailor-made to suit your sites.

You have a choice of 4 detecting frequencies…Low frequencies for big deep targets adeus ws5 headphonesnd the higher frequencies for detecting small coins and jewellery.
Both machines have a Silencer, which is an iron sound filter, however the Deus Lite’s Silencer is far more advanced allowing the operator to work much more efficiently between iron…this is quite often where the best finds are made.
We all like to hear different tones, the Deus Lite has a small library of options, personally I like the Full Tone option, the tones are on a sliding scale based on conductivity. Iron will give a very low tone, big Silver will give a high tone, other levels of conductivity will fall somewhere between these Two points.

Once you have found a program that suits you it can then be easily saved in an empty memory slot by pressing the Menu and the + key, if you want to delete it…pres the Menu and the – key.

What about beginners, can they use a Deus Lite
?Yes without a doubt it is one of the simplest machines out there, just switch on…select the Basic 1 program and search…everything is taken care of, so don’t be afraid it’s there to enjoy !

When you do decide to upgrade, the Deus control unit will adapt to your Deus Lite simply by entering a serial number.

So if it was my choice it would be the Deus Lite every time.


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