Understanding the XP Deus menu

The XP Deus menu
I truly found menu system very user friendly right away and easy to navigate.
All the essential icons are clearly displayed and are easy to read in a sleek design.

The Deus has a simple menu system to crack on with for the new users like myself to understand, I thought it was going to be complicated and take time to understand but after a brief look through the manual I was clicking away confidently after a very short period of time.

There are also sub menus and expert settings for you to get the very maximum out of the machine when you feel ready to get further involved and you feel confident enough to start setting up your own programs for the variety of fields you might search.

I found setting up programs was easy enough to do but if they were any good or not that is another story but it was fun trying my own programs out and comparing them to the factory pre-sets.

Whether its deep pasture or a hectic iron ploughed field the Deus has every setting needed to help you get the very best chance of finding the goods once you understand what does what.

I’ve used some other makes of machines before and some of the menu systems have been very over complicated and left me feeling confused and was messy to navigate, the Deus on the other hand never gave me that feeling but instead it gave me the feeling that I wanted to tinker with the menu system to explore the settings… just by changing kHz and sensitivity levels made me feel encouraged and involved.

XP really have given you a very understandable menu system to navigate in my eyes and is intuitive and well thought out.

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