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This whole event taught me to trust the Deus and never assume

Ancient coins found with an XP Deus metal detector

I guess for most of us the real drive related to metal detecting is connecting with the unknown It’s amazing to think that we will never know what remarkable treasures the soil hides. I must admit that many times I have the obsessive thought that…

Rare militaria found in Romania

I am very aware that most of the XP Deus users chose the machine mostly for locating ancient coins and artefacts, but I will say it once more: The Deus is a VERY versatile machine, capable of working particular sites for specific targets,  if you…

Two cousins find ancient Gold with the XP Deus lite

Derek with his xp metal detector

XP Deus users Cousins Derek Chuck and Duane Downing are two very happy XP Deus Lite users, they have always searched together as a team and like to compare each others signals. Duane had only owned his Deus with the 11” coil for two weeks…

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