XP newsletter May 2017

So far 2017 has been very busy for the XP team, the new products have been released along with 3 new video’s.
The MI-6 probe and  white HF 9″ coil have been a great success we will be releasing the HF Elliptical coil hopefully next month.
We would like to thank everyone for their patience.

The latest videos from XP
We hope you enjoy watching them.
Very soon they will be translated into French and possibly other languages.

The MI-6 pin point probe, menu and functions.

XP MI-6 pin point probe

The HF coils tech talk and demonstrations.

XP Deus HF coils

The Version 4 update, information and new features.

XP Deus version 4 information

Updating your Deus
Please note the updates are for a Windows PC only, make sure you understand the procedure and your headphones are switched off before the update, it is very important to use the correct data lead and not the 3 way charging lead.
Step by step Deus update procedure
The new version 4 can be uploaded directly from the XP web site :
Deus software updates

Brief news from around the world.


Team Rainbow  has sent in a fantastic three-part story to our blog, showing some truly amazing finds made with the XP Deus.
Thanks to Kristen Nedergaard Dreiø for his fantastic work.

Part I : Viking Gold and oath rings.
Part II and III : The story unfolds.


Martin is having great success on the beaches with his Deus operating a voluntary lost item service and has found over 53 lost wedding rings this year alone.
Martin has written a beach hunting article for the XP Classroom blog.

Searching dry sand techniques with the XP Deus.


I have been using the Deus V4 and the High Frequency coil in a Louisiana Cane field with a program I set up for these conditions and it performed very well.
The ground was extremely dry and hard but the new combination worked admirably. Flat buttons, bullets, suspender clips, Spencer casing and even part of a clipped corner CS plate.
This is an area I have hunted dozens of times and V4 and the HF coil performed like champs.”
Richard Angelico.

XP Americas

If you hunt in the US check out the XP Americas website, it is packed with great stories, video’s and users feedback.
XP Americas web site.

XP Deus V4 and HF coil talk from the USA.

The History Seekers podcast

The History Seekers Podcast


Just a quick message to say thank you to Team XP.
I watched your XP classroom video on swing technique focusing on slowing down, and also your article about psychologically approaching a massive field in a different way by searching a small square at a time.
Now my finds rate has increased dramatically.
Finding 3 hammered coins in three days, my first spindle whorl, buckets of interesting bits and now this fantastic Bronze age socketed axe which I’m taking to the museum on Saturday.

Thanks again
Reece UK.


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