XP Newsletter July 2017

Welcome to the July newsletter from XP metal Detectors.
This newsletter is very much based around the new products from XP, especially the new high frequency search coils, feedback has been so good we are delighted to share it with you.
The new XP Deus High Frequency Elliptical coil is now on sale, as predicted this is not just a Gold nugget hunting coil, it is proving to work very well on contaminated ancient sites.
It has been described as a “Technical coil for Technical sites” and has the ability to run at 80Khz.
High frequency coils offer many advantages and takes the Deus to a new level, allowing you to find small targets very close to Iron, demonstrated in the video below.

The latest XP skill school video
Simple tests showing the advantages of a high frequency search coil.

Updating your Deus….TIP !
Please note when updating your Deus headphones you will see the words “UP” on the screen, do not unplug or switch off until the words “UP” have gone.
Step by step Deus update procedure
The new version 4.1 will be available soon and can be uploaded directly from the XP web site :
Deus software updates

Brief news from around the world.

If you would like to feature in the next XP newsletter please send in your story.


It was a great day 250-300 people attended this one day event, spirits were high and the temperature was even higher at 40 c
The XP prize winners were very happy and went home with big smiles on their faces.

Everyone is looking forward to the next BGNMHA  meeting.
Pictures sent in by Mdetectors Bulgaria


Denmark detectorists hit the headlines again with a fantastic find by Lars, he found some massive 2500 year old ancient ankle rings, but rather than dig them out he called the archaeologists to professionally excavate them in order to gather the maximum information.
The article “Seek but do not destroy” can be read on the XP blog page

Seek but do not destroy article


Martin is having great success with his MI-6 pin pointer, searching for lost Gold rings in the sea.

Hi all at XP
I am writing about the MI-6 and to say what an awesome product it is.
So far I have used it to recover over 24 rings.
Not only is it perfect to use together with the Deus, but it is perfect as stand alone tool, it is the best pin-pointer i ever had.
Even diving in water up to 4 meters it rocks.
Regards Martin


The XP Deus is a fantastic tool for archaeological excavations.
Sensitive, fast, and very good at picking up small fragment. Also the ergonomics of the Deus allows me to search all day without any pain.

The Deus is a brilliant detector that just gets better.

Michael Lander


Ed Huffman’s 2-hour hunt where NO Coins were supposed to be found!

The Perfect Combination

XP Deus Metal Detector users in the US are loving the new features of version 4.0!  The new “HOT” program has really been a success, when used in previously detected areas.  The combination of the negative discrimination giving you that extra edge to unmask targets even more than version 3.2 and the XY screen tremendously cutting down on digging those unwanted trash targets has absolutely been excellent. Now, set the reactivity to 2.5 which is really a sweet spot for superior separation and the extra depth outside of those trashy iron infested areas has really produced some great finds!

Ed Huffman (Captain of The XP Deus Team USA) noted that while testing a slightly modified version of the new “HOT” program. Ed purposely wanted to test this combination in a small 25 yards x 25 yards lot that was extremely infested with iron and modern trash. Ed Huffman said, “I really looked forward to testing the new version 4.0 along with the 9” HF coil in this specific lot because I have personally detected this lot with numerous high-end metal detectors throughout the years and not to mention numerous other local Detectorists have too until the site just stopped producing coins! Within 2 hours of detecting this lot with the XP Deus version 4.0 and 9” HF coil I had already found a handful of coins ranging from silver to modern clad. I was truly AMAZED at the amount of coins that these other high-end metal detectors missed because of the masking!”  Ed also noted that Heath Jones (Co-Captain of The XP Deus Team USA) had very similar results with the combination of the new version 4.0 and 9” HF Coil along with numerous other Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors customers

The new 9” inch HF Coil has been an absolute dream for picking out coins from of those trashy areas.

XP Americas

If you hunt in the US check out the XP Americas website, it is packed with great stories, video’s and users feedback.
XP Americas web site.


Great XP feedback from the UK, we are receiving lots of reports including these Gold coins.
Mark found this fantastic Edward III half noble 1361 – 1369 London mint.

Another Gold Hammered found by Malcolm Andrews

Gary Cooke

Gary Cooke is loving the HF elliptical coil, here are his thoughts so far.

I have been out for the first time today testing the new HF Elliptical Coil on a field that we have detected for nearly 20 years, it has produced hammered and Roman coins but recently produced very little in the way of targets. The field is highly contaminated with Iron showing signs of early habitation.
I was using 74khz with a discrimination of -6.5 on the Ultimate program.
The coil was excellent at winking out finds between the iron and it brought the field back to life. I managed to winkle out a few Roman Coins and a bag full of non ferrous items from one small area of the field that we believed to be now Barron of finds.
I am very much looking forward to further testing this coil and writing a comprehensive review.
Great work XP !
Gary Cooke.

Adam and Lisa

Adam and Lisa have been testing the round HF coil, here are their thoughts so far

Lisa and I have been out with the XP Deus 9” HF coil for the last couple of months and it is proving to be a very useful tool on the types of ancient habitation sites that we love to search. For the majority of our searching we use 13”x11” coils, which give great depth and the maximum ground coverage when hunting for new hotspots. The sites of ancient buildings or settlements can be very mineralised and strewn with iron and in these situations the large footprint of the 13” coil actually becomes a disadvantage. Whilst the standard 9” coils do perform well in such conditions.

The new HF coils are taking things to a new level, what else is this machine capable of

Read the full article here.
XP Deus HF round coil feedback from Adam and Lisa

Jerry Morris

Rare US coin found in the UK

Jerry Morris found an early Baltimore Penny in the west country, there is a strong possibility it was lost by an early American tobacco trader.
Believed to be only the 9th coin of this type, it makes a very interesting story.

One of the rarest US coins found in the UK article.

XP High Frequency Elliptical coil article from the UK

This article covers some interesting points about using the HF elliptical coil on an ancient site.
HF coil UK review

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