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XP Deus metal detecting news and reviews.


Mikes recent XP Deus finds

Mike is a regular member of the Metal Detectives club, he has kindly sent in some of his most recent XP Deus finds. All the finds have been recorded with the FLO and the British Museum.Mike is from France but lives in the UK, he…

XP Deus 1 to 1 training sessions

XP deus finds ancient coin

The XP Deus training sessions. 1 to 1 prices start from £70 for 4 hours (approx), we will supply an XP Deus for you to use if you do not own one. Due to work commitments, weekends are preferred 1 to 1 training The sessions…

My Deus experience by Richard


I’m a relatively new user of the xp deus, ive only had it a couple of months now, but already I know it has revolutionised my whole detecting experience, so much so that I wish I had ‘taken the plunge’ earlier.. It wasn’t that my…

Confirming the history books with an XP Deus

Painted Glass & Lead.

Last summer I did a talk and display for villagers at a North Somerset Village.  The finds over time which have fallen to the XP Deus have changed their local history.  2000 years of left behinds have been an eye opener to both them and…

Understanding the XP Deus menu


The XP Deus menu I truly found menu system very user friendly right away and easy to navigate. All the essential icons are clearly displayed and are easy to read in a sleek design. The Deus has a simple menu system to crack on with…

XP Goldmaxx Power or XP Deus Lite

Xp Goldmaxx Power Vs the Deus Lite Many people ask me which machine is the best, the Goldmaxx Power or the Deus Lite They both fall in a similar price range so I can understand why some confusion may arise. The GoldMaxx Power Is a…

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XP Metal Detectors 8 rue du développement, ZI de VIC31320 CASTANET-TOLOSAN FRANCE.

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