Mikes recent XP Deus finds

Mike is a regular member of the Metal Detectives club, he has kindly sent in some of his most recent XP Deus finds.
All the finds have been recorded with the FLO and the British Museum.mikeMike is from France but lives in the UK, he has been using his Deus for several years, based on his recent finds he is convinced the XP is a superior metal detector.

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XP Deus 1 to 1 training sessions

XP deus finds ancient coin

The XP Deus training sessions.

1 to 1 prices start from £70 for 4 hours (approx), we will supply an XP Deus for you to use if you do not own one.
Due to work commitments, weekends are preferred

1 to 1 training
The sessions will all be “in the field” based on real targets, designed to help you get the most out of the XP Deus.
Menu and Set up
Signal recognition
Tones and adjustments
Expert Features
Reading the field
Tips and Techniques…plus much more.

: Near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, or we can visit you on your site’s (travelling fees will apply).

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Group Tuition
If you have a detecting club we can arrange for a visit on a club dig to talk with members and offer short 30 min Deus training sessions for members.
Gary from Gary’s detecting is an XP approved tutor
Contact Gary for more information and available dates.

XP Deus training sessions   XP Deus training


“Dear Gary,
I’ve spent the late afternoon compiling notes from our day in the field. I learned so much…What an opportunity it was to work closely with one of the main experts on the Deus — thanks so much for your kindness and the insights you shared. I have already begun recommending the training to the lads in my detecting club.

XP deus finds ancient coin
I’ve attached some photos to this email … would it be all right with you if I included them in my review of the day for the 1-on-1 thread on the forum?
Thanks again, and hope to see you again soon.


Hi Gary
Just a quick note to say thank you for a very enjoyable detector training session .It was quite a lot to take onboard all the different sounds from the different machines. The time flew and I couldn’t believe it was nearly 6pm when we finished. I was quite tired when i got back and caught the sun too!If you are up for it I would like to have another go with the same detector.RegardsJamie”

Just thought I’d touch base to let you know how much benefit I got from our one to one a few weeks ago.  I was on a dig at Aldermaston yesterday with the metal Detectives.  Drawing upon all the tips you passed onto me, I used your Hot program, got my head down and concentrated on my sweep speed/technique and identification of diggable signals.   It’s the first time that I’ve truly felt completely in sync with the Deus (all day long) and my reward was a nice Gold Quarter stater.   Using the Hot program and getting feedback from the Deus, I located all the little patches of iron and then grid searched them.  No surprise then that the stater was in one such iron patch.  I suppose the point I’m making is that if I had been using a different program and perhaps less tones, I would probably not have found it.  I actually think that I searched it out rather than then just haphazardly going over it.  So it’s a huge thanks once again for the tips and tricks you passed onto me.

 Regards John”
After having a recent Deus training session, I couldn’t do more than thoroughly recommend a detecting session with Gary.
Although I have owned my Deus for a couple of years now and attended a few club digs, generally I detect on my own and in gaining knowledge and tips, I have relied pretty much on being self taught through YouTube vids and reading round on the subject, via forums and magazine articles. So while I thought I was fairly competent with the Deus, particularly having used modified programmes such as Gary’s Hot or Cold. A 1 to 1 session helped to confirm to me that I was actually relatively competent i.e. I was holding the Deus the right way up for a start. But it also allowed me to ask lots of questions – tapping into Gary’s undoubted extensive practical and technical knowledge.I particularly wanted to understand why or how altering certain features within programmes, helped or hindered my detecting. So having Gary explain in layman’s terms why altering some expert settings fine-tuned the Deus in certain conditions really helped me and I’m sure that my find rate over time will increase.In summary, I would really recommend a 1 to 1 session, whether you are a beginner or like me someone relatively competent and who probably knew or could have researched parts of it but needed someone to explain the whole picture. Oh and if you haven’t met him, he is a decent bloke and easy to get on with too!  I will stop there as wouldn’t want to be accused of brown-nosing too much…Nick :D
The Deus training session was informative and damn helpful, so anyone that is going for a full training session will come away with a greater understanding of the deus and will give you more confidence when hunting on your own sites.You spend over a thousand pound on a great machine so for the small price of his one on one training session you will get the max out of the deus and unlock it’s full potential.I had around an hour with the deus and learnt a lot so four hours will be very rewarding.Don’t scratch your head… Give Gary a call as you won’t regret it.

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My Deus experience by Richard


I’m a relatively new user of the xp deus, ive only had it a couple of months now, but already I know it has revolutionised my whole detecting experience, so much so that I wish I had ‘taken the plunge’ earlier..

It wasn’t that my previous machines were bad, the opposite in fact, they were well known and well rated machines. Because I live in greater london i mainly go on club digs which are all over southern England. There are hugely varying conditions from area to area and week to week. I just didn’t have confidence in my detectors as far as flexibility and adaptability goes. I always had the feeling that ‘if only I could adjust this a bit more’ or ‘if only there was a way of changing that a little’ which inevitably lead to that sneaking suspicion I was missing good targets.


I’d always noted that the deus users in my club, (Surrey searchers MDC), made a good show finds wise. Also, I’d also noted the weight, or rather lack of it. As a sufferer of carpal tunnel syndrome this was a massive factor in my choice of Deus over other ‘top flight’ machines.

But I diddnt buy one for a long time, to be honest mainly because of the high price, eventually I came to accept the fact that I love this hobby and, financially speaking, the XP Deus would be a good investment.

My wife however, didn’t quite see it like that, apparently that hard earned money could buy a holiday, or a car, or even (shocking suggestion) pay our outstanding bills! Besides, I already had 3 perfectly good metal detectors.

I thought about it and could see her point, so rather than spend my wages I decided to sell my old machines and spare coils, as well as some other items, to raise the money, cash promptly raised (without spousal disquiet) I excitedly ordered the full deus with 11″ coil and ws4 ‘phones..

When it arrived, like new deus owners in the past (and future) i spent a considerable time just gazing at it, I’d seen them before of course,and even briefly handled them, but actually having my own to consider at my leisure was something else… what a marvel of industrial design! And what amazing micro-electronics to have such capabilities! And SO light!

At this point I must admit to being slightly intimidated by it too, I’d heard of alien things like ‘silencer settings’ and ‘tx power’ but upon reading the manual, and then experimenting with air tests followed by a quick spin on my iron infested ‘test bed’ (aka back lawn) I found it incredibly intuitive.. It can be as simple, or as complicated as the user wishes. My faith in it was quickly growing.

The first club dig after my new acquisition was on pasture, not ideal but good experience nonetheless. After initial start up I decided to keep it simple and worked basic 1 for a few hours to get to grips with it without ‘trying to run before walking’, the second good sounding target was a nice Victorian ‘bun head’ ha’penny which also helped my growing confidence, after this were typical finds from British pasture, none (unsurprisingly) with any particular age..
After lunch and chatting to other club members who use the Deus, I switched to GM power and found a sterling sporting brooch, engraved and dated 1909 from a quoits league! This turned out to be the find of the dig for me, and indeed the club as a whole.. Not a productive day, I enjoyed it but more importantly learnt a lot.

Since then my confidence using the deus has improved massively with experience, last club dig  (amongst other things)  I found a Scottish hammered silver penny, a first for me, I.D’d with the help of garysdetecting forum users as a 13th Century voided long cross of AlexanderIII, (moneyer = Walter, mint = Berwick) not in itself a rare coin, but the reverse is ‘retrograde’ making it very unusual.
A very satisfying find for me personally.

I really enjoy swinging this machine, I no longer have that niggling doubt and, as I’ve already said, it has been a real confidence builder, I can now make those little tweaks and adjustments where necessary.
Do I find more now?..  Who can truly say?.. But I definitely enjoy it more..

Comparing the XP Deus to my old machines is like comparing a Ford C to a Ferrari, they both get you from A to B sure enough, but one of them is fast and powerful!

(Iffy signal) on Gary’s detecting forum

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Confirming the history books with an XP Deus

Painted Glass & Lead.
Last summer I did a talk and display for villagers at a North Somerset Village.
 The finds over time which have fallen to the XP Deus have changed their local history.
 2000 years of left behinds have been an eye opener to both them and myself when unearthing them.
 I will talk about one such trip.
 The Local church was built by the close friends of William the Conqueror, who rewarded them the Percival family who later brought over their own Normandy font for the church they built near their Manor House.
 I have a local History book and there is a section where a man in the later 1600`s met who he described as an old man from many earlier years.
 The old man told him of the the time when he remembered Oliver Cromwell’s troops wrecking the church.
 He said they smashed the painted class windows and threw the candle sticks out the door.
 I managed to get a special concession to detect the small area by the graveyard where some of the Percivals lie at rest.
 Painted Glass & Lead.
The most significant finds came only 25 yards from the church door when I unearthed a piece of lead framing with some of the painted green and yellow glass still in situ.
 Candle Holder
As I went on I actually found the top of a candle stick holder close to the lead and painted glass.
Well there you have it a detectorist was able to substantiate the writings in that part of the book from all those centuries ago.Smile  Jerry.

Understanding the XP Deus menu


The XP Deus menu
I truly found menu system very user friendly right away and easy to navigate.
All the essential icons are clearly displayed and are easy to read in a sleek design.

The Deus has a simple menu system to crack on with for the new users like myself to understand, I thought it was going to be complicated and take time to understand but after a brief look through the manual I was clicking away confidently after a very short period of time.

There are also sub menus and expert settings for you to get the very maximum out of the machine when you feel ready to get further involved and you feel confident enough to start setting up your own programs for the variety of fields you might search.

I found setting up programs was easy enough to do but if they were any good or not that is another story but it was fun trying my own programs out and comparing them to the factory pre-sets.

Whether its deep pasture or a hectic iron ploughed field the Deus has every setting needed to help you get the very best chance of finding the goods once you understand what does what.

I’ve used some other makes of machines before and some of the menu systems have been very over complicated and left me feeling confused and was messy to navigate, the Deus on the other hand never gave me that feeling but instead it gave me the feeling that I wanted to tinker with the menu system to explore the settings… just by changing kHz and sensitivity levels made me feel encouraged and involved.

XP really have given you a very understandable menu system to navigate in my eyes and is intuitive and well thought out.

XP Goldmaxx Power or XP Deus Lite

Xp Goldmaxx Power Vs the Deus Lite

Many people ask me which machine is the best, the Goldmaxx Power or the Deus Lite

They both fall in a similar price range so I can understand why some confusion may arise.

The GoldMaxx PowerXP Goldmaxx power

Is a general purpose machine, if want for no better word a “traditional” metal detector, compared to other makes running at similar frequencies there is not a great difference.
Features include :
2 or 3 tone target identification
3 Silencer settings
Iron threshold
Iron Volume
Manual Ground Balance
Cordless headphone facility
9″ coil as standard
Frequency 18Khz
New style collapsible stem

The Deus Lite

XP deus lite

In the world of electronics a couple of years is a massive leap in technology and this really shows with the Deus Lite. Features include:
Ground balance
5 Multi tone settings inc Full tones and Pitch.

A choice of 4 operating frequencies (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz ).
10 adjustable factory pre set programs (Including Goldmaxx Power) which can be saved in a choice of 8 spare empty memory slots
Rechargeable Lithium batteries giving over 20 hours to a 2 hour charge, (charger included)
Target ID
Choice of headphones and headphone set up.
Super lightweight with 9″ coil as standard

So what are the differences in the field ?

They both detect metals….correct !, When you want extra performance the Deus Lite has far more features that can be tailor-made to suit your sites.

You have a choice of 4 detecting frequencies…Low frequencies for big deep targets adeus ws5 headphonesnd the higher frequencies for detecting small coins and jewellery.
Both machines have a Silencer, which is an iron sound filter, however the Deus Lite’s Silencer is far more advanced allowing the operator to work much more efficiently between iron…this is quite often where the best finds are made.
We all like to hear different tones, the Deus Lite has a small library of options, personally I like the Full Tone option, the tones are on a sliding scale based on conductivity. Iron will give a very low tone, big Silver will give a high tone, other levels of conductivity will fall somewhere between these Two points.

Once you have found a program that suits you it can then be easily saved in an empty memory slot by pressing the Menu and the + key, if you want to delete it…pres the Menu and the – key.

What about beginners, can they use a Deus Lite
?Yes without a doubt it is one of the simplest machines out there, just switch on…select the Basic 1 program and search…everything is taken care of, so don’t be afraid it’s there to enjoy !

When you do decide to upgrade, the Deus control unit will adapt to your Deus Lite simply by entering a serial number.

So if it was my choice it would be the Deus Lite every time.


XP metal detectors leading innovators in the world of metal detecting